Sunday, April 30, 2006

From Debris emerges Love

You know the days when you are overwhelmed with love for the person you chose to be with above all others? today is that day. I have married the cutest, cleverest, handiest, most talented cool guy I could ever meet.

We have been slogging away, getting ready for this big house tour, and we each have been head-down in our own tasks. S's task today is shedteau organization (we refer to the large shed out back as the's the first building on the right in the above picture. big, isn't it? neighbors ask if it is the mother-in-law suite.) He keeps scraps of wood, scraps of metal, scraps of scraps - just about anything most people would toss in a construction dumpster. I wasn't blogging then, but if I was, I would have told you about S dumpster diving. at our own house. I would have also told you that S would return from his business trips to NY with a suitcase full of goodies. from the dumpster at the construction site in NY. So all of that stuff has to somehow FIT into the shedteau. Along with all the tools. but that's another story.

anywho. I return from my running around errands with the kids now asleep. I grab a drink and head out back to talk to S. He fills me in on all the things he's done in my absence. "Did you notice the door in the kitchen?" He's asking about the door covering the gas line access to the oven. Little J has been admiring it lately too. I go back inside to admire it. it looks fine. and then. I notice that he's been fiddling around with an idea for the backsplash. and I LOOOVE it! And my above kibbitzing about bringing construction debris home from NY? Eating my words here! Because that's what we are using baby! It looks awesome. And soon I will post the picture and you too can reveal in its beauty.


Daisy said...

sweetie sweet sweet! I love it when that happens, that, "oh yeah, we're together for a really good reason!" moment.

Lisa said...

I can't wait to see said backsplash! And yes, it is a wonderful thing to see your spouse with fresh eyes. Most of the time, Monkey's most admired (by me, anyway) quality seems to be his amazingly high tolerance for proximity to me. It would kill a weaker man.