Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rules for Newly Mandated Summer Siesta

1) Siesta begins when the participant reaches a horizontal state.
2) There is no touching during the siesta. This includes, but is not limited to: tickling, rolling on, groping, playing with participant's hair or setting LEGO objects on any portion of the participant's body.
3) There is not talking. ESPECIALLY sentences that begin with "Mom..."
2) The duration of the siesta will vary.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

We like to watch the sports

Today we have watched more sports on TV than we have watched over the entire last year. (Occasional visitors take note, we have acquired a  t e l e v i s i o n . We hear it's all the rage.)

Tennis in the morning.
Rugby in the afternoon.

Hockey this evening.

During a break, Jbird went out to practice his own new sporty skill: riding without training wheels. He was busy studying the big kids at the park and pondering the mechanics of a wheelie.

While watching the Stanley Cup playoffs:

n: "there sure are a lot of *itches on this."

smith: "excuse me?!?"

n: "there sure are a lot of *itches playing."

smith: "what?!"

n: "there are a lot of *itches playing hockey. Tomavich, Orescovich. There's a lot of vitches."

Go Canucks!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope all the mother's out there had a fantastic day.  Happy Mom's Day mom! (I know you got the card, but a blog shout out can't hurt.)

I had a splendid Mom's day weekend. Smith took part in one of the kid's classroom's dad's camping trips (lots of possessives there.) So the boys were gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday.  So I was home. alone. in my own house. with no one to cook for, clean up after or schedule my day around. (except the cat. We named her Hermione, by the way.)

What I did:
-ran 2 errands for Smith, one of which was get his car inspected - I wasn't feeling lucky.
-bought a pair of shoes.
-went to see Jane Eyre.
-Drank 1 margarita. (it's been close to 5 years since I've had a rita. why? I don't know.)
-Stayed up late watching Downton Abbey.
-Went for an open water swim
-Went for a bike ride
-Painted my toenails
-Bought pre-cut, pre-chilled, perfectly ripe splendid watermelon. and ate it.
-Went to a friend's party with just us camping widow mom's and we tried really hard to not talk about our kids or what our husbands were doing (or not doing) while supervising hoards of children. Stayed up late talking and drinking ginger mojitos.
-Apparently slept in the next day. I woke to feed the cat and lay down again only to wake up what felt like moments later to my people coming in the front door after noon. yawn.

I also had a moment of nostalgia for my very first mother's day, 8 years ago. I walked up the hill to the pool and went for a swim by myself. It was the first time I had gone anywhere without Nbear. (that was a long 4 months.) And it was a great swim. On the walk back down the hill a boy had set out a table and was selling bouquets of lilacs from their lilac bush. I don't think flowers ever smelled sweeter.

Love to all, especially those who make us mothers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This is one of those times when the universe is hitting me over the head.

For "mental health" reasons, I allow the boys one day of hooky per school year. Jbird was in dire need last week so I could finally comply on Friday. I brought him with me to the Y so I could go to yoga (yeah! my knee is strong enough to manage yoga!)Afterwards he asked about visiting the Town Lake Animal Shelter. It's next door to the Y and we often drive by. It is brightly painted and the kids always ask if we can go. On this particular day, I felt we had time to do it -- and we could even be sneaky about it. Smith wouldn't have to know! (he's happy to be a mostly pet-free household at the moment. He doesn't count the fish or the chickens...)

So there we were, sneaking out of school for the day and sneaking behind Smith's back and WHAM! we meet a film crew and make the news.

Sadly, we didn't even get to meet our "Rhino" because technically the shelter was closed to the public for another hour. So we wandered outside the fence looking at the variety of barking dogs. And then we went out for a leisurely pancake brunch. 

After we picked up Nbear from school the boys were puttering around outside and up strolls a cat we've never seen before. There is a large assortment of neighbor cats that visit our house, aka "Cat Switzerland" but she was not one of them. She walked right up to me and started purring and rubbing on me. Not at all like the regular skittish visitors. Jbird and N spent the rest of the afternoon teaching her tricks - walk over here, then over there, then over this, then through this hoop. She patiently let them dress her in towels and tease her with twigs. She stayed and purred.

This is her peering in the window during dinner. She was still there the next morning. And so it seems, we have a new outdoor kitty. It's officially been a week and she's still with us. No one has answered my Found Cat! emails, craigslist or signs. I have purchased actual cat food instead of feeding her the leftover pork tenderloin tidbits.

And for those family members who knew Spookers, yes, she bears a striking physical resemblance. Personality-wise? night and day different. THIS cat has yet to hiss or scratch any of us. granted, I haven't tried to take her into the shower, but I bet even then, she'd be sweet.

No name yet. We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Somebody is 8!

He sure looks happy, eh? It is a birthday year without a big party so we went en famille to a nearby smallish amusement park: go-carts, bumper boats, laser tag and the like.  Bumper boats were a big hit. I did not partake in the laser tag (crutches impeding my running, ahem) but the boys emerged sweaty and smiling. even Smith.

Then we returned home for his specially requested white chocolate ice cream cake. A first for me, but it worked okay.

Friday, January 14, 2011

We said good-bye to Goldentail today.

Goldentail, our fish, succumbed to ick this morning.

It is the first pet the children remember dying. It is the fish we expected to die months and months ago. Nbear "won" him at the rodeo. We brought him (and we'll just go with a him just to be easy) home in a tiny plastic bowl, and I expected him to die. After all, how long had he been sitting outside in this plastic bowl as a potential carnival prize? Seriously, it could not be a long-living fish.

So I borrowed a bowl from a friend to lessen our investment into something that may not be around for very long. He was named Goldentail, from the naming conventions of a beloved series of Cat Warrior books. Goldentail hung out on the coffee table, flitting about with the company of a snail. Still he survived.

Our petsitting needs now involved a friend coming inside the house, just to feed Goldentail, while we were gone. Our other fish, Doraguy (rhymes with Dorothy) thrives on neglect and doesn't need to be fed so often.

During my span of knee injury and subsequent surgery, I spent a lot of time with my leg propped up on the sofa with Goldentail as my "companion." I had been become used to Doraguy. She is a master of hovering, floating, studying the plants and then gracefully and pointedly moving on to the other side of the bowl. Goldentail flitted about from top to bottom, side to side with such speed and regularity it made me dizzy. SPASTIC! And all while gulp gulp gulping around for air, breathing. But still he survived.

It was during my recovery that I realized that we'd had Goldentail for quite a while in that borrowed bowl, perhaps it was time to upgrade to a real tank with more space and an air bubbler thingee. A perfect Christmas gift!
Of course our story takes a turn here, for in our enthusiasm for having a "fish tank" vs. one fish in a bowl, we brought home some guppies to liven things up a bit. I think they brought the ICK with them.

So today Goldentail (and the guppies) were buried outside next to the fish pond and the passion vine. And our children are very saddened by it. It is never easy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas tree and spirit abound!

This year we took the leap (plunge?) to fake tree. Today is the day set aside to install her. Who knew that would involve rearranging our entire living room? That is what is occurring before my very eyes as I sit, resting on my sofa perch. I have a saintly husband. He may not always effuse a fountain of holiday spirit, but his wielding a vacuum, rearranging rugs, swapping out chairs and sorting musical instruments is just that. Thank you my dear!