Monday, May 29, 2006

Dum-ta da da dum! The lowdown on the TOUR

This is the house we bought in December of 2003. It was a one-owner 1950s house that saw the growth of 4 children in its 2 bedrooms and one bath. I picture "Peaches" in the tiny kitchen hollering for those kids to play out back - underneath the shade of the growing sycamore trees.

Flashforward to 2006.

This is our house with a newly built front porch, front door, a foyer, a living room, a laundry room, an upstairs space (office? guest room? someday master suite?) and bathroom. We have redone the walls, the floors, the ceilings, the lights, the doors... what else is there to redo? And most of it, we did "green." And so at the end of all that, we wanted to show it off - all that cool green stuff we did - and applied to be on the "Cool House Tour." And so last weekend, we stood on our feet for 6 hours (along with a very supportive friend) and answered questions about our house. They asked about our solar panels, the magnetic paint, the carpet in the kitchen, the beloved backsplash and even about the gaps in the flooring upstairs. I never knew that I knew so little about my house. I mean, I was there along the way during the design and construction of everything, but there was so many little details that never stayed in my brain that these kind, interested people were waiting to ask me. Overall, it was fun. People were very polite and interested. It was a nice way to celebrate the completion of our project.

We also made the news. Watch the video if you can. See us "preach the gospel of green" (you can be sure that never came out of OUR mouths...) check out my feet and misspelled name!

Here are some more pics from the big tour day. Enjoy these because our house will NEVER be this clean or this organized looking again.

This is the BEAUTIFUL and totally cool arrangement that my mom made out of the meager supply of flowers in town on graduation weekend.

This is a shot of the backsplash that S came up with one day from scrap (!) from his NY project. I know it is hard to see. I'll find another close-up someday.


Daisy said...

Man, were you home already at 6:21 last night?

Beautiful! I love the shot of the kitchen, it looks so bright and inviting.

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Daisy said...

ok, I think Blogger needs to reset their clock.

Lisa said...

Your house looks SO gorgeous in these photos. Just as it does in person, only with fewer children squealing in the background. Oh, and really really clean, too. ;-)
Yea! It's over!

Slash said...

Your house looks so good, and the report is impressive (that shot of the feet was sort of odd, and would it have killed them to verify the spelling of your name? another foundation of journalism crumbles). And you two are cute on TV. All in all, cool! and your site is rockin' too!

Lisa L said...

Oh, I'm Slash, by the way. Duh...

Anonymous said...

Great home! It has been fun watching it from a distance.

Lost of love here and much to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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