Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things From Boxes #2

Now I realize there are two categories of odd things that come out of our boxes. Firstly, is the stuff itself. Do we really OWN this? We really SAVED this for something and schlepped it with us over untold miles to open here and now to do what?!

-Like an entire bag of film canisters. Empty. Waiting to roll bulk-purchased film onto and load into a film taking camera. Of which we have... oh, I don't know, maybe 7?
-50 some odd issues of "Dragon" magazine (yes. from Dungeons & Dragons. yes. I married that kind of geek.)
-20ish commemorative Norman Rockwell plates. Mint condition.
-1 Jordace Barbie
-2 Cabbage Patch kids
-1 rusted pair of antique ice skates.
-2 copies of perquaky (the poor man's boggle)

next stop. ebay.

The other category is the way things are packed and labeled. Thankfully, all of our moves have been paid for, thus we hired packers. But, packers at certain houses didn't like us. You could tell that their patience had drained out at the 47th box of books...

The San Diego packers had a sense of humor. They had to. The house we lived in was pretty small. Everything was in this walk-in hall closet (about the size of our current bathroom.) Walking in the house and looking around, you'd guess that you could pack it up in half a day. One woman spent an entire day packing in our hall closet. Eight hours. One closet. The other chick packed up and loaded the ENTIRE REST OF THE HOUSE in that time. I'd hate us too. We unpacked in Vancouver to find a box with one rollerblade in it. Now which box in the sea of boxes held its mate? sigh. she got us good.

The Vancouver packers were guys. Like dudes. People who should not really be responsible for other people's stuff. They packed like... what? I don't even know. Almost every box they packed was labeled "Ornaments." Kings of understatement.

Our all-time favorite:
Loose Bubble wrapped package marked "Curtains" containing the following:
-1 wedding dress
-1 vacuum cleaner hose and one attachment
-1 boat rudder from the Lucky Lady
-A piece of galvinized pipe

And the boxes that S packed up in Oklahoma? Most of them were labeled "MISC." What is it with the guys and the understatement? Inside are things that make me ask again: "Do we really OWN this?" what are we going to do with an entire box worth of pens, which may or may not work.

We try hard to be modern, but we have pack rat in our genes. From BOTH sides. We're doomed.

Here is our living room at tour time:

And here she is post storage unit:


Daisy said...

Priceless photo comparison. I can't wait to see what else comes out of those boxes!

Lisa said...

First of all, I think some of the boxes had been cleared away already before you took that second photo, because the room looked Way more crowded than that in person, when I saw it. Secondly, I feel so honored to now own one of the two sets of Perquackey". Thirdly, that whole post made me laugh alot, esp. the ice skate part. Thanx for posting. I can't believe it took me so long to see it!

Jennifer said...

That post really made me laugh! Misc. ornaments! It reminds me of one time I helped Anthony move in college, and he had all these boxes of useless crap, and I was protesting the effort it required to move it all, but he insisted he needed it... then when there was no place to put it in the newer, smaller apartment, he started putting it is a "Goodwill pile," and of course, I REALLLY protested - after I helped him box and move and unload that stuff, he'd better keep it!

S. embodies the problem of boxing/unboxing your own stuff - he's gazing in that picture, going down memory lane, surrounded by a sea of possessions.

Daisy said...

OK,you're home now - let's get this show on the road!


Anonymous said...

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