Thursday, September 28, 2006

Meme (or more about me)

Nosy Meme
I'm finally taking Sinda's challenge. I didn't take her up on the music meme, because, well, it's just too impossible to narrow down music. AND I'd also be embarrassed by how much children's music would have to be included. It's mostly what I get to listen to nowadays and it's sad to be driving around alone (so rare!) and want to pop in the Ralph's World CD and sing along with Malcolm McGillikitty. sigh. So I'll go along with this one. It's easier.

1. If you make sweet tea, or your favorite style, do you use Luzianne, Lipton or something else?

I usually stick to herbal teas. I'm a fan of mint. But I'm also quite fond of Raspberry Leaf tea - something I drank during pregnancy to "tone my uterus" (whatever that means) and I just ended up liking it a lot. I like my tea with honey. Maybe sugar, and usually not milk. Unless (and there is always the exception) when S's sister makes it and then I'm all about the milk and sugar bit. I think she is an earl grey fan. She makes the best tea.

2. What brand of toilet paper do you buy and is it the larger rolls or regular?

I think it is Angel Soft? Super sized rolls in packs of 12 (more than that and the undersink storage is a problem.) I like a little bit of softness. My family growing up liked the single-ply stuff on the endless roll. And yes, I realize it is just toilet paper, but it's the little things in life that make us smile, doesn't it. And well, I'm living with 3 boys and I can splurge on some squishy for my tushy.

3. Which brand of bath soap do you use? Body wash or bar?

I like bars. Currently I'm not brand loyal. Although I probably wouldn't really go for the "burro butter" soap that I bought for S's sister for Christmas last year. [how's that going by the way?]

4. What cereal do you buy for yourself?

Kashi Good Friends. But I also do like frosted mini wheats, so I may have to try the
Autumn Wheat Sinda mentioned.

5. What brand of dishwasher detergent do you use? Liquid or tablets?

I also try to buy eco-friendly cleaning products. I use a lot of Method soaps. But I have to stick with Cascade powder. S doesn't complain about how the house is "kept," but he'll bust me when I'm trying out new dishwasher soap.

6. What's your favorite fruit?

Blueberries. I have some wonderful memories of picking them when I was little. (and this is where my dad likes to tell stories about me and my blueberry picking that may go back to question #2). We'd pick tons and tons and then my grandma would freeze them. She'd make muffins and buckles and pies. She'd also thaw them a little for me in a strainer in the sink, then pour some milk on them and a little sugar. They'd be so cold still that the milk would freeze to the berries. A singular pleasure.

We had a blueberry bush in our backyard in Vancouver too. Nothing like walking out into your yard for a handful of yumminess.

7. Which brand of laundry detergent do you use?

I'm trying to settle on one. I've used a lot of Dreft in my day, but with my new high efficiency front-loading washer, there are new choices. I'm trying Cheer at the moment.

8. Do you like chocolate?

Huh? Is this really a question? Yes. Any form. S & I keep eating milk chocolate chips from the bag. N has finally figured out what they are. He likes them on cut up banana with peanut butter and a chip on top.

9. Are you right or left-handed?


10. Do you still write checks or use a debit card?

Both. Or rather I write checks and use my credit card. I like writing out checks for some bills. I still use stamps too, like for mailing stuff. You know, like the old days.


Alex said...

The donkey soap was great! We used it all. I am still not convinced it was donkey's milk but if so maybe it has some kind of magical properties. Why else make soap out of donkey's milk?

Lisa said...

You've been tagged again.