Sunday, November 19, 2006

[insert clever title here tying together a corvette, IKEA and a windy day]

Last Wednesday? It was really windy. Like windy windy windy. Constant wind. So what do I do? After lunch and some meager indoor play, I lured the children into the car with a trip to the hike and bike trial. Well. I weanied and went to a park instead. Traded in the trail by the lake for a trail by a creek. We hiked and played and ran around and it was so windy our ears hurt, our noses were bright red and eyes watered. N took a brave turn of things and spent an extended period of time on the swings. J did his usual of pointing out birds and dogs.

It was so windy, it made news. (and I made the news too. albeit briefly. there's really not that much to say about the wind, other than it was windy. whew. yup. look there, it's blowin' all right. )

Also last Wednesday? IKEA opened. HERE! in town! YEAH! What a relief. It was really starting to bum me out that one was not closer. (A little like the sadness I felt that there was not a Target in Vancouver.) I'd lived near one for so long, I took it for granted. I've been to the one in Chicago, Houston, San Diego and the two (TWO!) in Vancouver. They are all the same and yet all a bit different. Chicago's is lovely for it's upscale department store layout style (seemingly lots of windows and natural light.) I like Houston's for its super easy-to-navigate and get-shopping 2-story layout. So I was a little saddened when I made a mad dash through the grand opening and found the "old-style" herding cattle layout, the huge maze, not nearly enough shortcuts. BUT. it is IKEA and I will not complain.

Lisa posts (with pictures) about a previous jaunt to the one in Houston. Note that I'm preggers with J in the pics and not just fat(ter.)


Saturday, we brought another long-lost member of the house home. The car that has been in the shop since BEFORE we started the addition on the house has returned.

She is beautiful.

I hardly recognize her. When we met, some 16 years ago, she was dark blue, covered in leaves and debris, rat chewed in places, undriven for many years, neglected. Now she is just lovely. Shiny.

We were so excited, we decided to have the gang over to have a welcome home celebration, a "vette fete" as it were. There was even champagne.


On a completely unrelated note:
Here are some pics of N with friends at the San Antonio Zoo trip. There was much smiling and glee until I asked them if I could take their picture, which is the last yucky bored posed shot.

N's shirt? Has whales on it. We are seeing a lot of this whale shirt lately. Thank you Aunt Alex & Uncle Thom!


Jennifer said...

Anthony saw you on the news. It was super windy!

That car looks really cool!

Lisa said...

The car does look beautiful. I love the color. However, you should fix that photo so that your license plate number is blurred.

Daisy said...

What's funny to me, as you know, is that I saw you that night, and another friend the night before on the news. How weird, to see two friends on the news back to back.

Somehow, bloglines missed these posts until today...which is why I haven't been here in awhile. You've been busy! Love the zoo pix.