Tuesday, December 05, 2006

10 Years (and one month) of Wedded BLiSS!

Last Sunday, we managed to gather a small collection of friends to celebrate our anniversary. Yes I know the anniversary was in November, but really? we are celebrating ALL YEAR long. (So Sinda says "party at your house again next month?")

Initially, I floundered about the size of the party, the date of the party, the food of the party, the place of the party and finally just bit the bullet and HAD the gd party. ergo the tardiness. But it was lovely. I had a wonderful time and I enjoyed the heck out of making food with Smith for a change. Everything felt like it came together just right; at least for me.

We even pulled out some fancy china for the event.

I found myself at a moment after the party, when the people had gone and my dishes were clean (thank you again Karibou!) and put away again and it was cold outside and I had one of those warm, blissful moments of pure happiness. a moment where you catch yourself smiling, and your tummy has a feeling like a warm kitty is taking a cozy nap in there. I heard the kids laughing with Smith in the other room and watched a family put up holiday lights out my window. It was a "bottler," a moment I wish I could bottle up and keep again for another day.

So thank you.

Smith will probably comment that I was just feeling the effects of the milk punch.


Anonymous said...

well, dadgum, it was a gd great time. i'm glad you bottled it up here, gd it. i wish we could have more days like it; even if we don't celebrate 10 years of anything. i'm up for a party with our droogs, even if i can gd remember it; even if junebug screams for minits about some silly gd lovey. i'm glad i inherited you guys as friends. here's to next time: la khaim!

Jennifer said...

Hmm.. I posted last night but its not here. Oh well, I said congratulations, good reason to celebrate all year long, or for a whole nother decade. (I think I phrased it better last night...)

Lisa said...

Jenn, I'll bet the beta monster ate your post.

Kris, that party was the best I can remember attending for a long, long, time. The food was amazing! As was the glorious milk punch. The company was sparkling, the kids mostly got along and it really was (dare I say it?) an elegant few hours. We are lucky to have such generous, lovely and talented friends. Thank you, again.