Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm Almost Back

Yes. There has been a marked silence here lately. In this silence the following has occurred (in no particular order):

my back went out.
N turned 4 and had a big bouncy birthday party and I missed it.
I commiserated with octogenarians in the hot tub at the Y about my back.
I received my first open-mouthed kiss from J.
I made a pot roast.
N and my mom decorated the house with Valentine hearts.
N and Smith went to purchase the very special 4 year old birthday bike. Mid-selection, Smith called me on the sly to elicit my opinion about gender/color issues for said bike.
Smith bought 11 boxes of girl scout cookies. ELEVEN. The thin mints, however, are on back order.
My coolest, most talented friend Amy came and visited from Mississippi. She told me how her husband proposed and I cried.


Daisy said...

And now you've gone and bought a car...

Jennifer said...

That is quite a list, and those are some cute boys on your porch.

Did you buy a Hybrid?

Lisa said...

That photo is very sweet.
Now what's all this about a car?

Slash said...

Hope this one goes through, for some reason, I can't get my comments to show up.

Adorable picture. And congrats on the car. New cars are awesome.