Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I am just glad that the sheer exhaustion that I was feeling yesterday has abated. And that the thought of food doesn't disgust me. I guess it is what is going around.

Lisa and I made it official - we registered our company name at the tax office. "Krisalis" had its t-shirt launch last Saturday and we did pretty darn well - our sales exceeded my expectations. So that was cool.

Lisa & I also reminisced - as we were both feeling quite ill - remembering the last time we were both ill. It was a weekend away to Port Aransas - Lisa & I got riotously ill. At one point she crawled out of the bathroom to let someone know she was dying, just so they'd know. They promptly fell back asleep.
How long ago was? What was it that we ate? Was it those heavenly meatballs? I've always blamed the meatballs. Have we ever been so sick? And do we remember the house tour we went on together, where we admired one of the lovely bathrooms with it's cool cool cool tile floor, and remarked: "I could totally have food poisoning on this floor."

ah, good times.


Sinda said...

Hm - Jesse and I lived in Houston when we made that trip to Port A...so maybe 1997 or 1998? We moved to SA in 1999. Those meatballs were totally worth your pain - they were divine. And how can you leave all of the alsohol out of the equation?

Sinda said...


Lisa said...

That is why none of you horrible friends even cared that we were DYING: you were all either still drunk or trying to get over your hangovers. The thing is, while we were reminiscing about this episode, we laughed so hard we cried. Why is that so funny? Because it's in the past??

Mr. Man thinks we are insane for wanting to lie down on a bathroom floor. But that cool tile is soooo inviting.