Sunday, July 01, 2007

More Happy Birthday To Me

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

I have been eyeballing several items in the Boden catalog since, oh, my back went out in January and I stared at nothing but the Boden catalog (I also knitted part of a scarf.) And when ye olde birthday rolled around, I eyeballed some more. And then I had some income from a freelance job and so I said okay! now I will buy! And then I got busy. My shopping cart remained up on my screen for countless days. But TONIGHT, tonight, after J had a terrible time falling asleep, I stumbled up the stairs at the late hour that it is to purchase said items.

to discover that everything was on super sale.

"I saved myself $200 tonight!" I exclaim to Smith who returns a wary stare... "saved?" he says with sarcasm. I hear the echo of my father in that remark.

I should also point out that I stumbled up the stairs to my lovely new birthday present from Smith, all nicely installed and up and running. (except Firefox darnit, so my hotlinks are a no go with safari.) I admit that at first glance, the practical side of me piped up loudly and said "Whoa! We don't need this! We could really use a XXX instead!" (feel free to fill in the blank here with "a refridgerator" or "new plumbing" because I certainly did.) Which, when said out loud, is the best reason NOT to get those things as my birthday present. Smith got me something indulgent (better than diamonds) something personal (better than perfume) something I will use every day (better than that fridge) and something that is all mine.

Thank you sweetie, from the bottom of my IMAC-loving heart.


peevish said...

Yea! Shopping on a new computer is a happy-maker. Can't wait to see what you got.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the transcript from that conversation would show that I said "You...You saved money? How about WE saved money?"