Monday, August 06, 2007

Vancation - Friday, July 27th

A sunny day!

We play at the “elephant park” (aptly named because there are monkey bars in the shape of an elephant) while Smith does some work. I am standing there watching the boys and I see a car drive by, back up and then stop. Out pops a woman who starts walking over to me – it’s my friend Eva! She happened to be driving by and thought she recognized me. Ha! We made plans for our kids and her kids to get together and play later.

Late afternoon we packed up for a hike in the University of British Columbia Endowment Lands (aka Pacific Spirit Park.) A portion of the UBC has been left undeveloped. It is a lovely forest in the city, full of tall pines, blackberry shrubs, huckleberry trees and tons of trails. One can get lost very easily. It is also is a favorite spot for professional dog walkers (i.e. one woman + 6 huge furry dogs.) We started a hike at the same time as another family who were collecting huckleberries from the trees. N got very interested in gathering and was delighted to find tree after tree full of berries to munch and shove in his pocket. (we had some on our salad later on too.) It was so quiet in the woods, apart from the huckleberry chatter and we stopped to look at giant slugs, fungus, mossy trunks and burnt out logs. Sadly, the pictures of the slugs just look like regular slugs. These babies are longer than your hand. Here are the huckleberries on the tree:

N brought an offering of huckleberries to meet our friends at a park for dinner. Ariel and Reika are 4 ½ and 3 respectively and got on immediately with N & J. Eva and I were in a prenatal yoga class together and after the kids were born we’d get together often for walks and new mom commiserating. We caught up while N & Ariel went screaming through the park. J was fascinated by the pond that was in the middle of it. We played until almost dark (dark starts around 9:30 or 10 way up here in the north.) They were all VERY sad to have to part.

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