Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Woe to the Spammers

In 6 days since I last checked email, I have 380 emails awaiting me in various accounts.

Sadly, I have to glance through the "junk" pile too as my filter is a little too good. Lately I've found a plumbing quote I've been waiting for and a birth announcement from a friend I'd lost touch with. So Woe to the spammers!

May your male parts wither
May your suffer gangrene from your faux rolex
May all your international pharmacies be filled with sugar pill placebos
May your only human communication be in randomly generated jibberish
May all your software deals physically melt your computer from the inside out
May you become an indentured slave to nigerian royalty
And may your new career opportunity find you unemployed in greenland.

1 comment:

Agent X said... do you really feel? I have the opposite problem and have over 800 email in my not so junk folder that are SOOO junk.