Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stink Theory; or why I didn't go to the Y today

I woke up today and waivered. Today is Wednesday, a day earmarked for a trip to the Y for vigorous exercise, above and beyond what chasing kids can do. I waivered because I stank.

hmm. When did I shower last? I think it might have been Monday. Which was followed by a warm and slightly sweaty 3 hour ride back from Houston because Nbear was cold the whole ride and insisted on the heater. Yesterday I cleaned and sweated about the house. Then I sweated outside weeding. At times yesterday I would catch a whiff of something and think

"Whew! MAN! Is that a DIAPER?"

and realize, aghast, that no. it was me.

So. I felt too stinky to bring my presence to the Y. And showering before going to exercise is just plain silly. So I did not work out today.


Jennifer said...

You are a generous mama. I would've gotten Nbear a blanket!

peevish said...

I can smell you from here.