Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last year's anniversary celebration seemed a bit more decadent (in the way of crepes at least) but a quiet celebration is still a celebration. We snuck out to dinner with Sinda & Jesse and ate at Uchi on the big day.

And for part deux (because I'm the type of gal who can milk any sort of holiday/event/errand for all it's worth), this past weekend my folks came up and did some serious grandparenting while Smith and I lolled about the shores of Lake Austin and got rubbed with warm oil. There was also some hammock time. Yeah. It was good.

Below are shots (look ma! I do know how to make a bed!) of the painting that graces our room, courtesy of "maiden mississippi" in honor of our 10th anniversary last year.
[and yes, I know it is "made in" not "maiden" but she's a maiden and it's a lovely play on words.] Ya'll can place bets on whose bedside reading stack is bigger.


peevish said...

So sweet!

Jennifer said...

Really nice painting. Let us know when your dance card is not so full.

Amy C Evans said...

so nice to see your paining--and above your bed! that's a good one, methinks. i was appropriately inspired ;) happy 11th!! xoxo