Thursday, December 20, 2007

CrafTACKular! Wine That Glitters.

Last weekend I was invited to a glorious holiday event: an ornament decorating party. My friend 'Bou was the delightful (and brave host) of this event that brought a horde of crafty grownups and their kids into the heavy throes of glitter, glue, wine, pins, sequins, pate, wiggly eyes and an errant jingle bell or two. (I should also mention that there was a gingerbread to die for.) I still find glitter in MY purse, I'm sure she's finding much more in the way of the odd sparkle.

Her home is so original and so lovingly adorned with interesting and wonderful things, it is just an inspiration to step inside.

Smith and I have both been hit with a wave of inspiration. Hopefully it lasts and builds into productive, beautiful projects that will be the future fodder of these pages. In the meantime, I can only share the following:

This was actually made the day AFTER the party when the inspiration was still fresh. It is a shadow box made of toothpicks. adorned with real dried flowers and colored sand.

This beauty is robotesque with a nod to pinhead from Hellraiser.

Ah. the classics. Who doesn't love glitter on a pinecone?

Not pictured (sadly I know I'm totally selfish in pushing MY creations) is Nbears jingle ball. It is suspended from the longest piece of hot pink plastic that you could imagine.

Not at all the level of crafted loveliness that comes from Smith's family holiday ornaments. I think the tree in my foyer will remain the "heart tree" year round.


peevish said...

Ooh, I just found out I missed coming to an amazing event at Bou's house. Damn! Wish I'd been there.

The ornaments are beautiful. I love the toothpick one, and the hearts, of course.

Amy C Evans said...

Happy New Year, Holt family! xoxo!