Sunday, January 27, 2008

Month End

January is drawing to a close. It has been a blur. Is it just me? Back from the holidays and then BOOM! It's February. But it has also been productive. (You should see what my christmas gift label maker has been up to in my house! Spices! Laundry room bins! Next stop linen closet?!) To recap:

We were in Angel Fire. Here are the boys enjoying some NanaCakes baked in a VINTAGE easy bake oven.

Nbear went to ski school. Jbird got a taste of snow.

Watching the chair lifts at the ski slopes (I swear they were having more fun than me.)

A lesson of Near and Far... or The Holts, they are a squinty folk

We were in Longmont, CO, visiting Lisa & family. Here is Smith entertaining the children (he's the one in the blue tube...)

Here's J at the very end of his "going for a walk" rope

Foolin' with Lisa's macro lens, 'cause she's all camera-girl-geek now

Then there was a 5th birthday for Nbear. (photos of which are still on the camera.) And Aunt Alex & Uncle Thom came in from the windy city to enjoy our 30 degree weather. A refreshing change from the single digits they said...

I reorganized the laundry room (again) after the complete collapse of a shelving unit on one wall rendered the room an utter pit of despair beyond its usual status of utter pit of despair.

I bought some jeans. Write this one down folks as the last pair of jeans that I actually purchased (Sinda passing on jeans to me doesn't count) was 5 years ago, after Noah was born.

I have succumbed to Sinda's meal planning doctrine; where one actually plans the meals they are going to make BEFORE going to the store. It is changing my life.

And speaking of changing my life, I also reflected on the positive changes in my life from last year at this time. And it feels like most of those changes are going to stick. It's not just a fluke. (and that's good! except for the fact that zero christmas cards got sent. not even to my mother! yeesh.) 2008 has lots of room left for improvement! (someone nudge me in August to get on those Christmas cards. Honestly.)


Sinda said...

I love that last photo. Are the Jag Cords the jeans?

Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. Very nice portrait there at the end.

I highly recommend the meal planning thing. My day to do that is Monday, and although I am always straining to plan meals for the week, it does break me out of the 5-recipes-repeated rut.

peevish said...

The photos are awesome, especially the last one, squinty Smith, and the orange pollen. Oh, and the one of Jasper on the trike. LOL! If you had been on a bike, too, you would have struck the same pose, I think. The Prairie dogs were hardly worth the effort.