Monday, February 25, 2008

We've all been there?

A few weeks back when I had the flu, I had somewhat recovered enough to stand up and stumble into the kitchen because I was devastatingly thirsty, thirsty beyond measure and in the fridge was a generic juice container with something that looked remotely like white grape juice.

Man. Wouldn't white grape juice TOTALLY hit the spot right now!

Wait. When would juice have come into the house? I KNOW we don't have any. I haven't been to the store. Maybe it was in the freezer? Maybe Smith brought it home when he got that other stuff at the store? Maybe? Please? I SOOOO want some juice right now.

Of course you know the result of this story - me bent over the sink spitting out something that was nowhere near white grape juice. Nor was it chicken broth - a likely suspect, but it lacked the telltale fat globlets floating on top. It was pure, clear liquid with little to no smell. It was a big ol' batch of dashi.

I know it could have been worse. What have ya'll mistakenly consumed in your house?

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