Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympics, being Amish, and the best play on words I've ever seen from a 5 year old

Like the rest of the world, we have Olympic fever. The boys sailed up in their "boats" to get front row seats to the opening ceremony:

You may notice something funny about the TV? Yeah, well, that wasn't any photoshop trickery, that there is just a plain old TV set. Usually? we don't watch TV. We rent from netflix and watch on the laptop all cozied up in bed. Saturday mornings might get the occasional viewing of the Biscuit Brothers. But it wasn't until the Olympics that we realized what a sad sad state our TV is in. And this is our "upgrade" from the 12 inch. Our being "behind the times" sometimes gets us the moniker of being Amish (hey - that's an easy group to slander on the internet, huh?) Guilty. I still remember the cable guy in Vancouver coming in and taking one look at our meager set and remarking - "I guess I won't be talking you into a dish..."

And one funny from our summer - it's "Fire Chief! (get it?! maybe you can't see the fringe well enough to "see" the native american-esqueness of it?) and his sidekick fireman!

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