Monday, October 13, 2008

Handcuffs for a Heffalump? Check!

We are gearing up for the next big holiday event in these parts and N has been reading a bit more lately - enough to have figured out that the huge sign up at Goodwill reads: HALLOWEEN HEADQUARTERS.

So off we went to the headquarters of the holiday to dive through the offerings. N really wanted to be a policeman. (methinks it is purely for the water gun opportunity.) Jbird carried around costume elements of the following: Thomas the train, a baseball player and a giraffe before agonizing over the final choice of? a policeman. just like his brother. By the grace of all that is holy, neither costume came with a gun. BUT! They did come with handcuffs and that was MUCH more exciting to them. (And, yes, I'm much more comfortable with my children toying around with bondage than with guns.)

So Sunday afternoon was spent figuring out things to clip together with the "cufflinks" or as in Jbird's case, he calls them "cuff-a-links" with each syllable fully enunciated. Cuffalinks? Aren't those handcuffs for a heffalump?

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