Thursday, November 06, 2008

Coming Down and Looking Back

It has been a whirlwind week, hasn't it? I try not to post politically, but I cannot help but be moved by the historic events of last week. It is something tremendous to realize. I am proud proud proud of our country. I will watch closely as our next president, who overcame a huge obstacle in just being elected, handles the many difficulties facing our nation's future.

An old high school friend has also been moved:

If you want one of your own (only a few of Obama left!), go see his storefront. (some proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity too.)

And on a much lighter note, we have finished watching a TV series. It is sad opening up the red Netflix envelope knowing it is the last show; the show was like an old friend. An interesting counterpoint to our current state, Carnivale, took place during the dust bowl and the depression. Next up in the queue: Mad Men (with a small Spaced interlude), another delightful period piece. What is is about looking back? My facebook is awash with high school reconnections...

oh! look! a floating boy!


Sinda said...

That's a lovely piece, thanks for sharing.

We just finished the first season of Mad men and OMG! is all I can say. OMG!

My word verification is hyper, so I guess I should use another!

peevish said...

Thanks for posting your friend's sketch of Barack. I still can't quite believe it is over, and we won. WE WON.