Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Year So far....

I've given up using shampoo, going full-tilt dirty hippie.

(Sinda may have a pit-stick making party soon too. We're in this stink together. It's just a matter of time before Lisa succumbs. peer pressure baby!)


I've bought myself a $50 toothbrush.

Because apparently I didn't get the memo. Everyone I encounter lately is using one.


We also had a nice holiday with lots of snow at the mountains of Nana & Papa. Smith and Nbear worked diligently on a very elaborate, multi-leveled, tunneled, throned, snow fort. It even had a roof in places. I hear snowballs were tossed. We did get to ski a little bit, and not just down the driveway...

We hacked down our own tree and hauled it back down the hill (yeah. that looks like a hill...) on a sled. It was a perfect tree.

We watched the snowplow clear the driveway. Often.

Gingerbread houses were made (and picked at by little fingers.)

We were invaded by Christmas-themed bug boys.

Happy New Year Ya'll!



Sinda said...

I went to your site last night to snag the address to link to, and almost called you out for not posting in ALMOST A MONTH! Jeesh - you'd think you'd been out of town or something.

Does Smith have a need for more appropriate outerwear?

Your hair looks great, btw.

Vetmommy said...

That NM snow is amazing stuff!

peevish said...

I wish we could have that much snow. For, like, a week. And then it would have to melt. Ideally.

I'm not giving up my shampoo.

Anonymous said...

Is this your way of saving money in this recession?