Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm Cranky too.

I was tired of looking at my toe jam post. Weren't ya'll? So I'm stealing Sinda's theme.

I'm tired of waking up tired. I'm tired of being woken up in the night, by children, by the phone ringing, by the dumpster out back, by the lights out back, by Smith breathing too loud, of just not getting more than 3 hours of continuous sleep in the night. I'm also tired of talking about how tired I am.

I'm tired of blowing my nose. I'm tired of other people blowing their nose.

I'm tired of reading about horrible crimes against children in the newspaper. And mortified to find some of them closer to home.

I'm tired of trying to organize a spanish class for my child. It should not be this hard.

I'm tired of me procrastinating about looking for a job. (and here I am. posting instead of looking. again.)

I'm tired of the static on my phone. I'm tired of our heater not working properly and having to be reset every day. sometimes twice. or three times.

I do think of myself as a very positive person, always trying to seek the good side of something. But it does feel good to just plain old complain. But to leave me in a somewhat brighter mood, here's the flip side:

I am thankful that Smith takes care of the heater and doesn't complain about it. He just does it. And calls the people to come and fix it. again.

I'm so glad I can see sunshine out my window. Now, a cat is peering around, sniffing the warm are before scooting off to chase something.

I'm glad there are still chocolate chip gingersnap cookies left in the cookie jar. And eternally grateful to Lisa for introducing me to those cookies.

I'm glad that the people who are directly in my children's lives are so warm, caring, thoughtful and intelligent. We are part of a very nice, loving family. They belong to a wonderful school and are part of a wonderful community there.

I'm glad to know all of you, even if you just lurk and don't leave a comment. That's okay.

What are you tired of?


Sinda said...

I read this yesterday and thought of you - sound familiar?

You've done me one better by flipping over to the thankfulness.

My crank was no doubt hormone-induced, so I'm going for my traditional, once-a-month solitary lunch with a book and greasy tex-mex, then I'm sure I'll feel better.

Plus, Luisa came today.

Vetmommy said...

We keep signing up for Spanish classes at our school and they keep getting cancelled at the last moment (too few children). If you are doing something in your home and need more students, give us a call!

peevish said...

I'm tired of attempting to type on a laptop which mysteriously and without my awareness or intention moves the cursor around so that I end up with incomprehensible sentences. I started this comment on that laptop, and then ended up cancelling out and coming in to the other computer.

I'm also tired because I worked at Sunflower Farm all day today, and I wish you had been there to feed the wee lamb with me. It makes one happy. ♥