Friday, March 06, 2009

Between a Rock and a Hard-Headed Person (maybe I should change the name of this blog to that...)

Apparently yesterday was my day to be the dissatisfied customer. I didn't mean to be. I finally got around to some phone calls that I had set aside for lack of time in a quiet environment. So at last! I could get around to canceling that credit card that I hadn't used in 3 years, but was somehow still open.

After the obligatory labyrinth that is the phone tree, I got to a person. She spoke very slowly. Very clearly. This would only come to irritate me later.

Me: "I would like to close my account."

Her: "I see that you have been a member with us since 1992. And your balance is $0. You have not had an active balance since 2002."

Me: "Yes. And I would like to close my account."

Her: "Were you aware that we currently offer an 0% interest rate for balance transfers. Can we transfer a balance for you at this time to help you out?"

Me: "No thank you. I would like to close my account."

Her: "We can also extend an APR of 13%. Would you like to..."

Me: "No thank you. I would like to close my account. please."

Her: "Can I ask why you are interested in closing your account at this time? Have you been dissatisfied with our service?"

Me: "No. I wishing to streamline my finances and close out this account which I am no longer using."

Her: "You have been a member in good standing since 1992, do you realize that closing this account may negatively impact your credit score?

Me: (gee. that sounds like a threat.) and now my voice is getting desperate, pleading: "I would like to close my account."

And it gets uglier from there. At some point Smith came out and hovers over me and says "Let me talk to her, I'll tell her how to close that account." And yes, I did ask for a manager. But no, that didn't help. But now. finally I can exhale and know that the stupid account is closed. Can't say that I will miss Discover's customer service after that charade!

And then.

I made a call to my pharmacy (which I love) because I am confused about pricing for some recent medications. My oldest got an antibiotic filled on Friday. It was a a 200 mg - 4 day dose. With insurance it cost me $27 and some change. The very next day, my youngest (and smaller one) had the same drug filled. It was a 100 mg - 4 day dose and it cost me $47 and some change. Hmmm. 200 mg is $27. 100 mg is $47. Half the amount of meds for twice as much? Maybe something went wrong with the keying in.

Sadly no. I was told that each price was determined by my health insurance company and they could not explain the discrepancy. [explain to me how my health insurance company sets the price for a medicine? do they really have that much bloody power?! well. yes. they do.] So you know that meant a lovely call to my health insurance company. Who doesn't love that? I was meant with the same response. She had no idea why the smaller amount of medicine would cost twice as much. She said that the pricing is determined by the manufacturer. So a cranky letter to the manufacturer is forthcoming! I can't wait to see who they blame. Stay tuned.


peevish said...

Way to use that fabulous expression, chica!

Vetmommy said...

Oh dear. Anthony has been hounding me to close my old discover card. I haven't used it in at least as long. At least now I'll be prepared.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat, too. Discover keeps sending me new cards & I keep debating on closing the account for the past several years! Now, maybe I won't if I have to deal with CS.