Sunday, August 02, 2009

Swimsuits/Spa/Shower/Sling: my weekend in 4 words

Through a strange twist of schedule, I found myself in the car, alone, heading to Houston for a total of 24 hours.

"Six hours alone in a car, with air conditioning and complete control over a CD player? That's like going to the spa!" comments my friend with a 3 year old and a newborn and envy in her eyes.

My dear friend Amy is about to have her own baby and it was time to shower her with gifts. So off I went to attend to the showering, compete with quiche! petit fours! and then some sort of cookie ball that's right up my alley with ground up nilla wafers and lime juice.

Before leaving town I needed to get N a new swimsuit (just one last errand!) The one from last year finally gave up the ghost when his leg popped through where it shouldn't. How hard should it be to find a swimsuit in Texas on the first day of August? Ha. she laughs.
Store #1: NO SUITS LEFT. only backpacks and long sleeve polo shirts.
Store #2: Only cheap cheap cheap movie spinoff grossness available.
Store #3. NOTHING. (but frantic looking back to school shoppers in abundance.)
Store #4: ONE suit left! his size! not heinous!

I'm off! Near about Brenheim, I've got the music blaring and I'm singing at the top of my lungs, nary a care, and my phone rings.

"Do we still have a copy of the kids' insurance cards at home?" says a voice that needs no caller id.

Sigh. This was exactly the type of call that you shouldn't take while driving.

So the kids were splashing on a waterslide at a friend's house and somehow Jbird got tangled up with some big kids going down. Thankfully, he landed on TOP of the heap, but it still B R O K E his collarbone. ouch!

He is mostly fine. Sore. Arm in a sling. It will take some time to heal.

At dinner tonight we noted that neither Smith nor I have ever broken a bone in our bodies (knock on internet wood) and yet BOTH of our children have each broken a bone already. I told them they must have the Uncle Tommy gene. And then I made them guess what part of my brother's body got hurt racing a bike. (you readers at home can play too.)

Bodily injury aside, it was a lovely trip. I was struck by the stillness of time. The quiet to complete my thoughts, (even if those thoughts were nothing greater than "Men In Black" or "Boston Legal.") It did me a world of good.


peevish said...

Hurray for you! And I'm so glad Jbird's injuries were relatively minor. Hugs & kisses to all ya'll.

Sinda said...

It was me, it was me, I broke the baby! *S O B*

He's such a trouper - I'm glad his spirits are high. And I hope he gets to come back...

Vetmommy said...

Poor Jbird! Anna and I have never broken bones, but Colin broke one and Anthony has broken several.

Vetmommy said...

Nice new masthead!