Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3

We left the balmy beauty of Chicago, leaving my sister-in-law's swank pad to drive along Lake Shore Drive - a really scenic little jaunt through Chicago. We saw the ferris wheel at Navy Pier! Canada Geese! Boats! Skyscrapers! Signs for Sue! (the famous t-rex housed at the Field Museum.)

We then swung by the airport to pick up my mom! Excitement! She decided to join us a leg or two of the journey. So off we went across Illinois, across Indiana, across Michigan.  A nice shout-out to the rest stop outside of Flint - they have the coolest ice cream vending machine ever. A giant skill-crane arm swings around inside the machine to then dive down and zoom! suck up your selection. Then the arm swings back to the drop zone and lets go. We had to have 2...

That night we made it into Canada. After facing hours of (albeit lovely) green along the way, I was ready to see something different. Up ahead we saw this huge metal bridge to cross over the lake into Canada. The border guard was stern and unfriendly and I had the mild panic that maybe she wouldn't let us through. Maybe she thinks we're really not on our way to Niagra Falls and I'm stealing my kids from my (ex?) spouse and running for the border. Was there a document I was supposed to bring???? Anyway. I had a big imagination in those 2 minutes. She of course let us through and the scenery changed  immediately. Sarnia at first glance seems like a quaint little town. Our hotel has picket fences. We hopped in the pool for a late night swim, sat outside and had hot cocoa (which garnered some looks, hot cocoa in the middle of summer?) But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

[at some point in the future, the posts will contain photos. and perhaps more details. most of the posts will be texted from my phone. and therefore short. photos? I'm still working on getting them loaded, but honestly, they may all just have to wait until we get home! I'm on vacation after all!]


Sinda said...

Lovely. Th hot cocoa sounds good to me now - my office is, as usual, freezing. Greenery sounds great too! So glad you're off to a good start - enjoy!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are having an excellent adventure. Say Hi to your Mom for me.

A very late birthday gift is on its way to you. Perfect timing, right? I wait until you are out of state to send you something.