Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coming Soon!

The full trip wrap up!

In the meantime we are in the midst of  lovely back-to-schoolness. (It's not all at once for us. Jbird started first, but not for the full day yet. Nbear started on Thursday. Both will be full-on students this coming Wednesday. The annual Back To School Complete Floor Mopping is right around the corner.)


But first, I must report an important milestone of my own. I've lived in Austin off-and-on for 20 years now and I've never been to the quintessential cowboy-hat and boot wearing honky tonk: The Broken Spoke. Last night I lost my 2-stepping virginity. Smith and I are both equally skilled (ahem) at dancing so we took the lessons and continued to count out "quick-quick-quick-slow-slow" all night. This was to the confusion of one unnamed dance partner who only did ONE slow step. (She was leading, who was I to argue?)  But then  Dale Watson started singing a song of the same title. We were quick-quick-quick-slow-slowing for a good while. Smith and I also learned some fancy twirls, and we are still working on those. Smith needs to tone down his akaido-I'm-going-to-flip-you-on-the-mat grip though. And I need to stop leading. Also a note for the newbies: don't hit the floor right after they sand it.

Thanks to Sinda for the loan of the boots. She's so addicted to the toe slide she's got 2 pairs.


Lisa said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you're back, and I hope Smith had a great birthday celebration.

Mary Gardner told me a creepy story about Dale Watson. I'm trying to remember it...

Sinda said...

Totally addicted. I need a swing dress, 50's style, next, to go with those boots.

Thanks for not calling me out for leading you astray, although as you point out, I *was* leading. :)

You have to keep coming - you'll get better every time, I promise. And it's so much fun!!!

Vetmommy said...

Going to Texas A&M definitely indoctrinates you into the 2-step. I haven't done it much, though, since leaving College Station.

Hooray for all-day school! And for tardy trip wrap-up posts!