Friday, March 11, 2011

This is one of those times when the universe is hitting me over the head.

For "mental health" reasons, I allow the boys one day of hooky per school year. Jbird was in dire need last week so I could finally comply on Friday. I brought him with me to the Y so I could go to yoga (yeah! my knee is strong enough to manage yoga!)Afterwards he asked about visiting the Town Lake Animal Shelter. It's next door to the Y and we often drive by. It is brightly painted and the kids always ask if we can go. On this particular day, I felt we had time to do it -- and we could even be sneaky about it. Smith wouldn't have to know! (he's happy to be a mostly pet-free household at the moment. He doesn't count the fish or the chickens...)

So there we were, sneaking out of school for the day and sneaking behind Smith's back and WHAM! we meet a film crew and make the news.

Sadly, we didn't even get to meet our "Rhino" because technically the shelter was closed to the public for another hour. So we wandered outside the fence looking at the variety of barking dogs. And then we went out for a leisurely pancake brunch. 

After we picked up Nbear from school the boys were puttering around outside and up strolls a cat we've never seen before. There is a large assortment of neighbor cats that visit our house, aka "Cat Switzerland" but she was not one of them. She walked right up to me and started purring and rubbing on me. Not at all like the regular skittish visitors. Jbird and N spent the rest of the afternoon teaching her tricks - walk over here, then over there, then over this, then through this hoop. She patiently let them dress her in towels and tease her with twigs. She stayed and purred.

This is her peering in the window during dinner. She was still there the next morning. And so it seems, we have a new outdoor kitty. It's officially been a week and she's still with us. No one has answered my Found Cat! emails, craigslist or signs. I have purchased actual cat food instead of feeding her the leftover pork tenderloin tidbits.

And for those family members who knew Spookers, yes, she bears a striking physical resemblance. Personality-wise? night and day different. THIS cat has yet to hiss or scratch any of us. granted, I haven't tried to take her into the shower, but I bet even then, she'd be sweet.

No name yet. We'll keep you posted.


Lisa said...

The ones who come to you (as opposed to you shopping for them) are the best ones.

Sinda said...

It occurred to me recently that your story is like that time I went to the March on Washington, but didn't tell my family I would be there (including the family that LIVES there), and I ended up in the center spread of Newsweek. Oops.