Saturday, June 04, 2011

We like to watch the sports

Today we have watched more sports on TV than we have watched over the entire last year. (Occasional visitors take note, we have acquired a  t e l e v i s i o n . We hear it's all the rage.)

Tennis in the morning.
Rugby in the afternoon.

Hockey this evening.

During a break, Jbird went out to practice his own new sporty skill: riding without training wheels. He was busy studying the big kids at the park and pondering the mechanics of a wheelie.

While watching the Stanley Cup playoffs:

n: "there sure are a lot of *itches on this."

smith: "excuse me?!?"

n: "there sure are a lot of *itches playing."

smith: "what?!"

n: "there are a lot of *itches playing hockey. Tomavich, Orescovich. There's a lot of vitches."

Go Canucks!

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