Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Paul McCartney, Chickenbrain & More

If I were Paul McCartney and had a song running through my head, what are the chances that it would be a Beatle song?

So can you chickenbrain someone over the internet? [chickenbraining - planting a song in somebody's head merely by humming it near them] If so, I would happily share the "good day sunshine. bum-bum-bum. good day sunshine...." running through my head. I think I've been running through a nice list of Beatles songs since Sir Paul's 64th birthday. And I didn't even go to the Drafthouse sing-a-long for it. Maybe I should go to this. Clear my musical genres right out.

On a different note, it looks like J has something on his mind too.


Lisa said...

I love this photo! Hey, Marie is wearing Sinda's Danskos.

Daisy said...

Last night, at the parent meeting, there were three of us in those shoes, including Janice.

I refuse to be chickenbrained.

Slash said...

Damn, the kids are getting big. The pictures are delightful. Yeah, he'll probably be embarrassed by the one of him in a kerchief, but embarrassing your kids is one of the privileges of parenthood. Payback for all those messy diapers and lost sleep.

kmack626 said...

It was my mom who got them first. I was with her when she got them and totally resisted getting them (this on my post-baby shoe shopping spree last fall) and now I lurk on ebay for a pair.