Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer reruns

It's unbearably hot here. And I say this from the comfort of my air conditioned nest. I can look outside and see the grass withered and brown and think even the bugs must be dead. The trees aren't turning colors with the first nips of fall, they are giving up that they'll ever see a nip of anything under 100 again. My fabulous alarm clock that tells me the temp? Still telling me that it's over 90 at 10 pm.

It's so hot that we are unmotivated. Seriously unmotivated. We have plans to reorganize the laundry room this weekend - make way for stuff. Get ready for the company that is coming. S is instead downstairs watching TELEVISION WITH THE CHILDREN. (you have to know us to know that TV with the kids rarely happens in our house. THAT'S how unmotivated we are.) I should also add that he's watching GOLF. Enough said.


I wish there was a way that our camera could just automatically upload to the computer just by being near the computer. That would really help me out. The camera is always sitting next to the computer. Waiting for its contents to be shared. That's why I'm posting the old pics. It's like a clips show on TV. A "best of" sort of thing. reruns. in no particular order.

Toes From Belize

Me & J last Fall

Our tree in Vancouver at night

S & J sacked out. I could really run an entire series of these...

N & J last year. Flopped out. This is my favorite onesie of J's. I won it in a silent auction. Things almost got ugly with another mom. I had my big ol' belly to help me guilt her out of bidding again at the last minute.

N (if you can believe it) gettin' clean the old fashioned way.

Kitsilano pool one early morning in Vancouver. The downtown skyline is in the background, shrouded by mountains.

Sinda! Nursing! Hazel!

And an all-time favorite. N. On the very day he was born.


Daisy said...

What a lovely trip down memory lane - thank you!

I have a couple of shots of S&J sacked out from this weekend as well...!

Lisa said...

I'll bet, what the weather being how it is here, you've been thinking about Vancouver ALOT lately. Wistfully.

Lisa said...

Are you gonna wait until it is no longer "unbearably hot" to post again??