Sunday, October 15, 2006

Picture Post

I have finally uploaded some pictures. yeah!

Things that are going on:
- I'm knitting again. Almost done with another raspberry colored scarf (which I totally don't need.) I am also knitting a scarf for N's baby doll.
- It's Fall! The weather is actually cool and pleasant and it is a JOY to go to the park.
- There is an owl (actually 2, a male and a female) in our neighborhood, just across the street. There is some debate regarding the variety - Screech vs. Great Horned. N found a feather today. Very fluffy.

The other fun part of this scene is the sound effects. J delights in making a long, droning, whirring noise when "operating" his appliances. He has the lungs of a trombone player.

Guys & Dolls


Anonymous said...

As always, great photos. It's nice to see J. working with his appliances, since I hear him so frequently while we're on the phone.

Sweet baby pix.

Will have to look at the owl. It does seem largish for a screech.

Jennifer said...

Great photos. Don't you love the immersion blender? Best appliance I ever got for Christmas!

Also, I didn't even think twice about gender stereotypes when you said you were knitting a scarf for N's doll. It took the clever "Guys and Dolls" subtitle to clue me in.