Monday, October 16, 2006

Intuition Vindication

Ever have one of those passing feelings that something you are seeing isn't quite right? Your gut is flashing warning signals, but your head finds lots of little bites of logic to squelch it?

I had one of those moments today at the playground. As I am unloading in the parking lot, I notice a guy working on his green car. Hmm... not unusual, but at a park? He's parked like he's planned on working on it here, not like he's broken down. Okay. Whatever.
As we are walking up to the playground, this older guy in a white car is driving around, rather slowly, looking straight ahead. Does he look like he's seeking out a parking space (of which there are plenty)? He's probably on the phone. I'm up to the park and look back again - he's making another slow loop. Is he scoping out the kids? He's a bit far away for that... is he waiting for someone? Hmmm... A bit later we hear a small crash and some loud yelling/wailing. More wailing. More yelling. The slow-looping white car has hit the green car. Mr. Green Car has called the cops. 4 cop cars later, the guy is finally removed from his vehicle and he's LOADED. Like falling over LOADED.

Overall, it wasn't a big deal, but I was glad that my little doubts were right.


Lisa said...

But why was mr. green car wrking on his car at the park?? That whole scenario is very strange.

Did N. enjoy watching the cops?

Anonymous said...

About 2 weeks ago, we made a call in the a.m. to a car wreck. Just the run-of-the-mill wreck as we approach---a lady has run off the road and isn't hurt, but she, too, is loaded. I asked her where she was going on this fine morning & she states in her slurred voice, "To babysit my grandkids." Hopefully, she ended up in jail--we didn't ahng around long enough to find out her fate!