Sunday, November 12, 2006

Goosebumps [or get thee to Regina Spektor!]

My friend Liz from high school would get goosebumps when she heard music that she really really liked. I had never really thought about it before she said it - but she was right, you sorta do get goosebumps when something you hear just blows you away.

Friday night was a goosebumps night at Antone's listening to Regina Spektor. Amazing!
Sinda & Lisa (and Smith & Jesse) hoofed it out with all those youngsters to see this show - we've been listening to her CDs almost continuously. Would it be as awesome as we hoped? As Lisa said, she kept us waiting and then totally made up for it in the first breath of song. She sang, she played guitar, she played piano, she played drums, she played the microphone, she sang some f**king songs all right. So intense and sweet and just lovely.

one of my all time favorite shows ever, to go on the rest of my list (in no particular order):

The Sugarcubes at #s in Houston. We met Einar Örn in the parking lot before the show. I had no idea who he was (okay, you probably won't either, but he's the guy singing with Björk.) I certainly remember his name now.

That time I saw They Might Be Giants at Rockefeller's in Houston. Jennifer and I were the youngest people there, surrounded by all these old people sitting down at tables. It was sparsely attended. I even recall buying my t-shirt directly from them on the stage after the show.
The next time I saw them? at Liberty Lunch, surrounded by an utterly huge throng of my bouncing and singing peers.

Also a David Bryne show in Dallas.

and more will come to me, but I'm tired. Going to concerts means I was staying up waaaay passed a bedtime. (although the french fries & wom kim cake at Hyde Park post-show were worth it.)

yawn. night ya'll.

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Lisa said...

I can relate to your friend Liz. Music gives me goosebumps all the time, as well as Art, certain kinds of conversation, etc. It's kind of weird, but cool to have such a visceral response to something you think of as only involving your brain and maybe one or two senses.

I wish I'd been at that TMBG's show in Houston.