Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things Purchased To Appease A Child

I'm a hesitant shopper. Some call me thrifty. I think I'm just indecisive (maybe.) It takes me a long time to get to the purchasing part. (how long have I been trying to buy a new fridge now?) I have to weigh the options. Mull things over. I am QUEEN of mulling things over. I have to decide if it is a need or want. Decide what color. Decide if the price is okay. Decide if I have room for it.

But when it comes to quieting a child in a store, you should see how fast something can go into my shopping cart. Here's what I've bought recently to quell the rising tide of noise beside me as I shop: (feel free to add comments of things you have bought in similar situations)

1) a large bag of purple confetti paper.
N insists on shoving it in gift bags for birthday gifts. Each time I can feel the glare of birthday parent when all this purple shredded paper pops out of the gift bag all over the floor. [you should also know that I am "throwing away impaired" too.]

2) another lovey. that meows three times when you pet it. Smith has set a mandatory limit to the number of times the cat can meow in his presence. (Smith is ready to kill me.) It has been named "me-yewy."

3) winnie-the-pooh waterproof bandaids. We go through band-aids like they are tissues.

4) vanilla milk. lord? what did we do before these? honestly - how did parents make it all the way through the grocery store without going mad? [milestone: N no longer calls it "tanilla milk." sigh.]

5) a goofy card with a gorilla on it. that we are not allowed to actually send or give to anyone. just have in the card drawer, just in case.

4) a $4 pomegranate. not even organic.


N busted me for eating his Halloween candy today. (it's for his own good! I swear! a 3 year old doesn't need chocolate.) I was on the phone and I could see him start worrying over the bag of garbage. Afterwards, I got the 3rd degree about who might have eaten it as well as an inventory assessment of his stash. (yes, smith, I might have implied it was you...)


The boys in their hidey hole, which is under the stairs, and is nothing at all like the movie.

And speaking of scary stuff, a good bud of mine is having a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse this weekend as part of the 48 hour movie making competition - horror division, aka "Bloodshots." Contestants are given a subgenre, a weapon, a phrase that must be in the movie and a prop. Then 48 hours later they hand in the film. Check his out.
If you dare....


Lisa said...

These pictures look like I took them! Did you use the super-expensive camera? Whatever, the're fun photos.

I try very hard to buy as appeasments only things we might have purchased anyway. Like Goldfish. However, i'm a huge fan of that $1 section at Target, so if they must have something, at least it doesn't cost too much.

Speaking of horribly annoying toys like that cat, the last time I took sugarbear to the doctor's office, she found a special treasure in the little treat basket there. A pink plastic giraffe which sqeaks. Loudly. Our rule is that the giraffe is only allowed to speak in the nation-state of Nonolia, which is located in her room. Not nearly distant enough to suit us.

Jennifer said...

I love not buying something. Its such a power trip, not giving the megastore my money. That said, who hasn't bought kitten stickers, et. al. when there are dozens more languishing at home, for a smidgen of peace?

Slash said...

I don't judge parents for appeasement buying. Purple gift bag filler seems pretty reasonable to me.

The pictures - AWESOME. Especially the middle one. Sometimes the less-than-technically-proficient photos are the most endearing.

Krispy said...

Glad ya'll liked the photos. I wish I could take credit for them, but it was Smith's mastery of the super-expensive camera (that I love.)

I wish there was a state of Nonolia at our house. you should totally blog about the "friend" from Nonolia. It's priceless.