Wednesday, March 21, 2007

5 Weird Things About Me

Amy tagged me for this one (and I'm sticking with 5), so here goes:

1) Wooden utensils (as well as popsicle sticks) sometimes give me the heeby jeebies.
2) I like stale popcorn better than fresh.
3) I think Finnish accents are sexy. And a bald, Finnish guy would just about be equivalent to Daniel Craig. (Are there any bald Finnish men?)
4) Gardenias smell like hot dogs to me.
5) I hold on to clothes for sentimental reasons. Like the shirt that Smith was wearing when I realized I was in love with him. I think I treasure it more than my wedding dress.

a shot of my quince bush in full bloom. now the blooms are gone (rained off) and it's back to being a scrubby shrub.


Lisa said...

That thing about the wooden utensils?
ME TOO! You know those wooden paddles they used to give you to eat your little ice cream cup with?? I can't stand even the IDEA of eating with those things. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

It is way worse than nails on a chalkboard.

And that is sweet about Smith's shirt.

Amy C Evans said...

Way to go with the five weird things. Man, are they weird. You win. xoxo, Amy || PS: Did Noah get to have chocolate and graham crackers with his 'crunchy' marshmellow? I sure hope so. It's not camping without s'mores. I like to add a dab of peanut butter to mine. Mmm, good.

Krispy said...

yes those wooden paddles with the ice cream give me pause. great pause. wood? or ice cream? shivers.

we hid the chocolate. I know we are spoil-sport parents but chocolate before bedtime with a kid confined to a tent with you?

peanut butter sounds like a good addition.

Sinda said...

I'm waiting for a picture of a bald, Finnish guys wearing an old shirt and holding a wooden spoon. There's got to be one somewhere.

Anonymous said...

why the hell isn't anyone blogging. What am I to do when I have ten minutes of down time?