Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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It's almost like my life story. I'm so busy and accomplished.

kristina is a punk and a half
kristina is presently in residential treatment
kristina is waking up
kristina is a hula dancer
kristina is concerned with the contamination of freshwater and deforestation
kristina is vacationing in turkey
kristina is working hard to prepare for her first event of the season
kristina is a very very strong person with a very very strong heart
kristina is scared to death
kristina is on the tail end of her morning nap
kristina is automatically designated as a wesbrook scholar
kristina is terrified
kristina is once again a devout woman
kristina is a licensed psychologist and doctor of medical science having presented a thesis at karolinska institutet
kristina is beautifully played by helen sjöholm
kristina is a skater who has great artistic ability
kristina is most definitely the best actor on the show
kristina is interested in gene therapy and regulation of gene activity
kristina is fluent in croatian
kristina is as comfortable managing corporate finances as she is guiding a large crew and tons of equipment
kristina is one of those people we love to stereotype when it comes to public workers
kristina is an english trained riding instructor from the hamptons
kristina is a truly gifted psychic advisor and visionary
kristina is currently a second semester master's student at isu
kristina is a very warm friendly professional cultured london business lady
kristina is focusing her energies on calligraphic letter forms on various paper media
kristina is a gorgeous latin lady
kristina is a licensed social worker
kristina is already well known and respected throughout the online real estate industry community
kristina is the boss
kristina is said to have been a forcefull and energetic woman
kristina is known for her big heart and special ability to relate to patients
kristina is an archaeologist from the african desert
kristina is found dead
kristina is happily ensconced in a public sector career
kristina is a member of september eleventh families for peaceful tomorrows
kristina is now 3 and attends special education early childhood and loves it
kristina is a little shy
kristina is a member of the tennis team as well as the swimming team
kristina is playing basketball this season at menaul boarding school in menaul
kristina is an "a" student
kristina is doing a great job as a new mother
kristina is using viscose in her collection
kristina is the hardanger jakt that has sailed more miles than any of the other jakts built in norway

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Lisa said...

these are great!