Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Crazy Talk

Hello all! Spring Break is over and when the computer that died is somehow replaced I will be posting pics of our first camping trip with the boys. Highlights: Noah likes to talk about how the park ranger had to ask our neighboring campers to leave the park because they were breaking too many rules. Noah also did not like the "crunchy" marshmallows.

In other news, my mom is here visiting for a couple days this week to help out while Smith is on a business trip. So I'm off at Target (solo! I'm actually getting to b r o w s e !) when Sinda calls.

Sinda: Hey there so, um, who is at your house?

Me: My mom. Did you get to talk to her?

Sinda: Yes. (pause.) I thought it was you though and your mom thought I was you. It was a bad connection and by the time I realized it wasn't you I was too far into the converstation to politely announce that I wasn't Kris. It was pretty confusing.

Me: So did she tell you anything that I need to know?

Sinda: Yeah. Your dad's not gonna go to jail.



Sinda said...

You captured that perfectly! Did you tell her when you got home?

Hazel had s'mores last week too, and was also not fond of the burned marshmallows, yet was dissatisfied with s'mores made from un-cooked marshmallows. You can't win.

Jennifer said...

That is a hilarious conversation. Glad you're back online.

Lisa said...

This mix-up makes me laugh every time I think of it.

Anonymous said...

Somehow replaced? So that is all the mention I get for surgery on your computer that, i might add, included the application of silver thermal compound and recreating all of your computer settings? Where is the love in that?