Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Call Of The Child

Today I was driving in the car with Lisa. J was in the back seat. He was very quiet. Suddenly, he yells "BAH!" at the top of his little lungs.

Lisa is startled! She starts to laugh and asks, "what was that for?"

And I say: "It was for a dump truck. or a garbage truck. or a backhoe. or a delivery truck. or maybe it was for a bird. or a ball. or a squirrel?"

(it wouldn't be a dog, of course, because "poo-tah!" would have been yelled at the top of his lungs for that is his word for puppy dog, much to the surprise of spanish speaking women we encounter.)

Well Lisa, we have one more OR to add to the list.

I have this jogger.
I see him every day out my kitchen window. I see him when I go for walks. I see him while we are at the pool.I see him while I drive around town. I see him at the playground and by the time I get home again, he jogs back by the kitchen window. I see him EVERY day. Sundays. Holidays. Christmas. Rain. Sleet. Even those icy days in January. Way more reliable than the postman. He is my jogger.

I used to stare at him, thinking he'd see me and have some glimmer of recognition for me or my car or something. I used to wave and say hi. Nothing. I have long since given this up.

Today in the yard, Jasper yells "BAH!" and I look up, expecting to see a bird or a squirrel since he usually yells "hi" to people.

I look up to see my jogger AND HE WAVES HELLO.


Lisa said...

I like the title of this post. And the list of things to which Jasper might have referred was longer, I think. He cracks me UP.

I love that we all think of him as your jogger. I don't know anyone else who has their own anonymous jogger. Do you?

Jennifer said...

Very interesting post. I'm still hankering for a bunny shaped roll.