Monday, May 21, 2007

welcome to my nightmare

We are heading into a new phase of childhood around our house. Hard to imagine my sweet little angel, just look at him! (modeling one of our new Krisalis shirts available for public sale soon!)

having anything so weighty as a nightmare bother him. But it seems it does. Last night he woke up crying inconsolably. hmmm. needs water? no. bathroom? no. what? He finally settled down into bed and then after awhile his arms shot straight out in front of him (in bed, still asleep) and he YELLS "STOP!" followed by a quieter, sadder and frightened "don't eat me!" His frightened cries finally woke him up.

Poor little monkey.

How goes the sleep in your house?


Sinda said...

Hm - one person came at midnigt, trampling me in her haste to get under the covers. The second came more quietly an hour later. With feet that must press against me firmly at all times. Both had some sort of bad dreams - short barking yelling ensued - but they slept through them and the storm.

Poor little monkey is right...but I love the shirt!

Agent X said...

I have the feet issue, but usually in my face multiple times per night. Which promts me to rearrange him so the feet go to the other end of the bed. Love the shirt!

Jennifer said...

Sleep here is good except when sporadically interrupted by vomiting, requiring fuzzy-headed parents to slowly dart about, trying to grab buckets and towels to clean up.

Anna has had some nightmares but Colin is still naive (presumably). I remember as a kid having a lot of monster nightmares. Then when I was older my nightmares were that my mom would die. The scary thing is they always seem so real.

One time as an adult I had a dream that Anthony did something that made me so mad, so I kicked him in real life in the bed!

Lisa said...

My kids haven't been troubled lately by nightmares, but Sugarbear isn't feeling well (strep?) and has been waking me up alot at night. Last night, I gave her tylenol at 1am. Then at 2:30am she came in and woke me just to tell me her throat was feeling better. Aaahh!