Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vancation - Friday, July 20th

It’s raining.

We take the bus to Stanley Park to see the Aquarium – home to sea otters, dolphins, beluga whales and more. They also have a wonderful “BC exhibit” with an underwater tank showing what lives in different parts of the province. Each cove offers a stunning array of seastars and anemones. N gets a sea turtle painted on his face.

Raffi singing “baby beluga” did not leave my head the entire time we were there.

We have fish and chips in Stanley Park and watch the rain. We have always laughed at the fish restaurant being next to the aquarium. Sort of cruel seeming. We also note most restaurants serving fish around here have a little blurb on the menu saying that they are approved by the Vancouver aquarium for its source of fish. As we watch the rain, I am stunned by the intensity of the color green here. It is almost oppressive it is so rich.

Our bus driver on the way back lived in Dallas for a spell, and we talked about all kinds of here vs there things. Lots of people here have asked us how much we pay each month for health insurance.

I note to Smith that the stroller has already paid for itself.

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Sinda said...

We noticed the same thing in Monterey - they were educating visitors on fish consumption, and we ate at a restaurant that only served sustainable fish.

Just got an e-mail at work - my health insurance for next year is screwed. And apparently that goes for 1 million Americans, all served by the same company. We'll have to have an HSA as well.