Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thursday, July 19th

It’s raining.

We plunk down a whack of money for a stroller. We had hoped to buy a cheapie umbrella type, but a store offering that variety is MUCH farther away. I hear Sinda's voice in my head, calculating the cost per day and the craigslist return when we sell it. It does come with a raincover.

N and I take an exploring walk while Dad works and J has a monster nap. We walk down to the beach (4 blocks) and descend the steps to the rocks below. Growing down all the rocky cliffs here are wild blackberries. Tons of them. If only we could reach them all (and they were ripe) we’d be in utter heaven.

N hesitates on the last step – looking out at the sea and the rocks and the beach. The tide is way out. I can see the worry of “living creatures everywhere” on his mind from one of our Berenstein Bears books. I assure him that all the rocks we see are not suddenly going to turn into giant snapping turtles.

He comes home with pockets overflowing with treasures, dirty knees and a huge smile on his face.

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Sinda said...

Hey there! I'm so impressed - a vacation post, hurray!

Your title cracked me up. It rained here Friday and Saturday, but yesterday was pure summer - hot (muggy) and perfect for the pool.

Smith - stop working!

Have fun, more posts, please :)