Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vancation - Sunday, July 22nd

It’s raining.

We go out to get the paper, only to be reminded that there is no Sunday paper here. It is a weekend paper. So we read yesterday’s news. Slowly. The boys get read to from their new stash of stories from yesterday. We have pancakes (setting off the smoke alarm) and play the longest round of hide and seek that you could conceive of in a one bedroom apartment. (in the shower is my favorite spot to hide, although the wet tub usually triggers an urge to pee...)

Also, we went to play at the elephant park.
boy tai chi.

mom works the digger and boy these hummers are tough to maneuver.

Also note the denuded raspberry canes in the background. Perhaps one tiny berry (unripe) remains. I am guilty of eating them. all.

And now, I’m sitting, ever so the cliche, in a coffee bar with wi-fi. Blogging. Drinking coffee. I swear I should be 10 years younger. (if only I had my ipod with me!)

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Sinda said...

This is just when I called you and reached Smith, and learned where you were and what you were doing - sounds heavenly to me!