Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monday, July 23rd

It’s almost raining.

I haven’t complained about the rain yet, have I? I mean we expected it, it’s part of where we are. But we had just had so much rain in Austin, I wanted to go on vacation and have it be different, ya know? You go away to get away from what you already have. At least we have a system of keeping dry-ish while walking with only 2 umbrellas. And it’s never raining like it rains in Texas – it’s a much gentler rain. More manageable. We’ll even play at the playground in a certain amount of rain.

I don’t think my birks will ever be the same though. I can’t even remember what it feels like to put them on dry.

We take the bus to Science World -- a children’s museum with a science-y focus. It was very loud (although J slept through all the loud bits) and it took us awhile to get to the quieter, younger children areas. They loved them.

Although when asked about the day, N’s favorite part was the "aquabus" ride back. On English Bay, you can take a ferry across to get to downtown, Granville Island, Science World and other key points on the coast. The ferries are tiny – maybe a little bigger than a mini van really, and seat about 8-10 people.
This shot is ripe for a caption, eh?

a shot of this boat resident juggling on deck. why not.

As we putt-putted our way across the bay, we noticed the clouds had lifted and the sky was blue in patches. We got off at Granville Island and had dinner on the docks watching the boats and feeling the warm sun hit us before it set.

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