Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tuesday July 17th, en route

I think this day could not get any longer until we run into a family of Canadians in DFW who had been there on a 6 hour layover from Vancouver to Toronto. They have 4 children; a 9 month old up to a 9 year old.

SIX hours in an airport!

They are chipper though. Dad said they ended up saving a boat load of money by flying through the US and putting up with the long layover. Crazy.

We arrive very late in the dark to one of my favorite airports – we pass through an area decorated with Pacific NW/First Nations artwork in a diarama complete with running water, stuffed ducks, a canoe and sound effects. The HUGE raven art (raven plays a huge part in First Nations creation mythology) hanging from the ceiling gives Nbear a pause. I look over the railing to see the other waiting areas for the departure gates below. I spy a playscape IN the airport.

Then we descend the escalator accompanied by a waterfall over rocks. I can’t describe how calming and beautiful and how unlike a normal airport this is. Let the Vancation begin!

We step outside and immediately smell the sea.

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