Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vancation - Wednesday July 18th

It’s raining.

We meet the gracious host of the house we are staying at (we have rented a one bedroom apartment in his 4-plex. He and his in-laws live upstairs. Next door is under construction. He apologizes for any noise, and I laugh at the comforting sound of banging.) Knowing we got in so late, he left us a bunch of fruit to nibble on for breakfast – including a bucket of blueberries. This is not the meager little half pint that we (in Austin anyway) have become used to when we buy berries in the store. This is about 4 of those in one bucket. FULL of the biggest BC (British Columbia) berries and probably for the same price as one of those tiny little bits.

We head off to Granville Island – the Vancouver equivalent of Pike’s Market in Seattle. No throwing fish though – but tons of good food and great handmade items. We submit to the purchase of umbrellas at the umbrella store. Even one that is Nbear sized.

We also check out the model train & boat museum. Two gleeful hours of hearing J say “TOOT-TOOT!”

We walk to dinner at our all time favorite vegetarian restaurant and stuff ourselves silly.


Sinda said...

I'm eating my words - I saw the 19th post and didn't even realize it was third in a series.

Sounds like it feels like coming home? How nice to visit a place you know so well.

I'm crossing my fingers you have time to upload pictures.

peevish said...

Sounds like Heaven. And yes, where are the photos?