Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vancation - Monday July 30th

A sunny, warm, clear, gentle breeze sort of day. A bottler.

After a morning of fortifying television for the children (remind me to shoot myself in the head if I ever see the “doodlebops” ever again.) This is the boys in their favorite TV viewing position: the windowsill. Also the site of many a puppet show.

We hiked to Tatlow Park (the “dark park” as my friends calls it because the trees provide extreme shade) for the kids to get together and play. I met up with Eva & Natasha who also have 2 kids each now and we spend our day catching up. The kids run amuck. Sadly, I only have one good picture of the day: "Django with stick."

After dinner another walk to the beach to dig in the sand.

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peevish said...

I'm really enjoying the dueling dates on top of the post.