Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vancation - Tuesday July 31st

Another gift of a day.

We vow that on our next trip up here we will plan for some days of camping. We had wanted to go camping on Salt Spring Island – to the same place we camped over 4 years ago. We were going to rent our tents and stuff too, but at the end of the day, we really weren’t prepared for it. So. A day trip it is.

Our round of Ferry roulette [arrive at one of the two ferry terminals and leave on the next ferry, wherever it goes] delivers us to the Sunshine Coast. N was very pleased to see how all the cars get on to the boat. I don’t think he expected it to be so big.

We drive for a bit next to beaches and trees that remind us a little of northern California. Smith and I remembered a park with a little walk in the woods next to the beach. Was it around the next bend? no. the next bend? We finally gave up and drove back to Sechelt. We hiked on its beach - large pebbles in lieu of sand.

And the very last picture we took on our vacation (and I secretly thought that gee! we could use this on the placement! ((each family in N's class sends in a family picture and they put it together on a placemat. It's ever the challenge to get a shot of all 4 family members.)) Looks like this one will become a photoshop challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, all the photos without us in them are from Sargent Bay where we discovered we were waling on a clam bed. The people photos are from Sechelt.