Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vancation - Thursday, August 2nd

Good Bye Vancouver!

A long, blurry day. Up early to wait for delayed departure. The flight crew got in very late the night before and they have a mandated amount of rest before flying again. So we wait. At there very least, we get to thoroughly explore the playscape I eyeballed over the railing on the way in. So handy.

In Dallas, we have another long wait for a delayed plane. We strike up a conversation with folks we saw napping in Vancouver this morning - they are headed to Austin after all. They have a lovely little girl and she and Jasper have fun playing. They look vaguely familiar. Don't they? Or do they just look like cool Austin people in the sea of travelers?

It is not until I'm at the bookstore 2 days later till in dawns on me who this family is. As my fingers slide towards the new Jasper Fforde book my eyes fall on:

This book has been popping up in my consciousness lately and I decide to look at it yet again. I'm pretty sure this guy was on my swim team way back when. And I flip it over and see the author on the back. Yup. That's the guy from the airport. Small world ya'll.


peevish said...


I'm glad you're back.

Mama Malcontent said...

And the world gets that much smaller... check out www.

A lovely family, indeed, that bought our beloved bungalow when we out grew it.