Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vancation - Wednesday August 1st

Our last sunny day.

Initially, we had plans to check out of our place today and check in to the lovely swank hotel whose escalator deposits you at the departure counter of the airport. It looks most elegant from down at the bottom. The restaurant is top notch. We have an early flight tomorrow and it makes sense to be there instead of hurrying from farther away. And I’ve always wanted to stay there.

Until. A) Our host informed us that his next guest wasn’t coming until Friday so we could stay an extra night if we needed to. B) I asked Smith how much that lovely and oh so convenient room was going to cost… $350. Whew! That’s almost 4 whole nights at our current place. So we’re gonna wake up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow and spend our today leisurely packing and doing something nice rather than moving our stuff from point A to point B.

We went to the beach. We went early enough today that the tide was out – waaaaaaaay out. Tides are around 9 feet here. At this beach, one could stroll out onto the sand bar a good couple of football fields before hitting the waves. It’s also a popular spot with the “skimmers” as I call them. They have the super thin flat boards that they run and jump onto at the water’s edge and skim across the top of the water. We also discovered that sandbar quickly gives way not to more sand but muck. Bondafide muck. The consistency of pudding. At first the boys were hesitant at the ground shifting and moving around their feet. Then, after a little getting to know you period, there was the expected mudslinging and rolling around in the muck. Matted to hair. Inside of ears. Inside of suits. You get the idea. I did not emerge unscathed.

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