Monday, August 06, 2007

Vancation - Wednesday, July 25th

A beautiful sunny day!

Smith ran some errands and met us at beautiful Kits beach. Most of the beaches here are a coarse sand and offer huge driftwood logs to use as benches, backrests, windbreaks, whatever. Apparently we were stationed at the Harry Potter log. I stood up to stretch and noted that everyone within my immediate vicinity was reading it. UP here they have a completely different cover and size of book. Also to note is that there is a "kids" version with one cover and an "adult" version with another cover design. The adult version is lovely. I wish I bought it instead.

N adopted himself into a summer camp class that was spending the day there. He was having such fun with the “green shirts.” Although I felt a little sad for him – these folks were probably 7-8 years old and were paying him zero attention. They weren’t mean or rude or anything, but you could tell that they just could care less if he was there or not. J chased birds. And tried to steal other people’s beach toys.

N and Smith ventured out a little further into the waves to wade out to the floating dock. It wasn’t in very deep water, more of a lifeguard stand than anything. N got to jump off a few times though, returning shivering with blue lips.

That night we had dinner, fabulous Chinese take-out, at our friend Evelyn & Len’s. They are grandparents and had all the appropriate trappings to keep our boy(s) amused. N passed out cold on the ride over and slept through most of the evening. We had a lovely time catching up. Len reminded me of a book that came out when we were here: “How to be Canadian.” He also told us about “Corner Gas” a Canadian sit-com that we might enjoy. Those funny Canucks.

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